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Emerging Managers Fund

Fund of Funds focusing on allocating to the next generation of emerging managers
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Fund of Funds

No matter if it's fund 1 or fund 2...unless you've been through a full 10 year fund cycle, you're still considered an "emerging manager" and that's who we want to help!


Our mission is to provide the "next generation" of capital allocators access to capital for their management companies and funds! 

Meet the Team

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Jeff McDermott/Founder & General Partner

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Thompson Hine LLP/Legal Counsel

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Matt Thomas/Venture Partner



We allocate to emerging VC, PE, Hedge, Debt and Real Estate fund managers

We are first fund friendly!

We can allocate direct LP check sizes up to $50 mil. with $10 mil. being our sweet spot.

We invest in GP stakes in emerging fund management firms for up to $5 million in debt and or equity

Requirements to pitch are:

You must have your management company, GP and fund entities already set up.

You must have a validated fund thesis that explains in detail with real data why your ideas are worth investing in over your competition.

Include any educational programs that you've completed like any VC or Fund school program, incubator etc.


Even though we're emerging mangers/fund 1 focused, you will have to pitch us just like any other institutional capital investor!

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